What Is Teja

About Teja Arboleda, M.Ed.

Hi, I'm Teja. I am the President and Creative Director of Entertaining Diversity, Inc. which focuses on diversity and inclusion programs through entertainment. 

I am a speaker, performer and TV/Film producer. My Masters Degree is in Education and Digital Media, and as professor I have taught courses on race and ethnic relations, communications and filmmaking. 

My phrase, "Race is a pigment of your imagination" is  not just a quote, it's a mantra.

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There is no box, so don't put yourself in a box and don't let others put you in a box. It's not healthy.

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Teja The Speaker

Keynote Speaker

I have given over 1,500 keynote speeches and performances, and have produced and facilitated hundreds of live comedy, drama and discussion programs on race, culture and identity. I am a featured speaker on  TED  Talks.  In a world divided by race, do we as people really understand what this construct, “Race” really means? This talk breaks down the racial categories and gets us wondering, can we move past these categories?

Watch my TEDx talk, Race: Human. The Unscience of Race


Teja The Producer

Award-Winning Storyteller

I have an EMMY Award and five Telly Awards. My PBS documentaries such as Crossing The Line: Multiracial Comedians, and Model Minority: Do The Math, have stirred considerable discussions on identity, race and culture in the news including The NY Times, LA Times, USA Today and National Public Radio. My Discovery Education series Diversity Elementary has been a big success in many countries. I have edited and created over 150 national and international social-issues oriented full length documentaries and magazine-style news programs.

I am the author and illustrator of books on multiracial and multicultural identity, including In The Shadow of Race, Mixed Feelings and Jeni So Many.

As Co-Executive Producer, Director of Photography and Editor at Tow-Arboleda Films, our award-winning social impact videos  address racism and bullying against Asian Americans. We have millions of collective views worldwide.

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Storytelling is the oldest form of human entertainment. Also, stories are the best way to preserve and share culture. What's your story?

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Teja The Diversity Guy

Mixed At Birth

I am African-American/Native-American-Filipino-Chinese & German-Danish and I grew up in Japan. 

I live near Boston, Massachusetts with my family.  

I am available for:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Media interviews
  • Consulting  on site
  • Consulting via Skype and Google Hangouts

Subject matters of interest for healthy mixed family building:

  • Multiracial / Biracial parenting advice
  • Multicultural family conflict resolution
  • Resilience Building 
  • Overcoming Bias
  • TCK (Third Culture Kid) support
  • Cross-racial adoption parenting advice
  • Foster care parenting

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Kinda like Mr. Rogers with an international and mixed-race twist.

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