Stories Are Like Gravity

 I have reached millions of people in over 1,000 cities and towns in the US, and Canada and Japan through my keynote speeches, presentations, television interviews and my TEDx talk. My stories, character recreations, drama, comedy, humor, powerful images and embedded music have pushed the envelope and garnered countless standing ovations. 

Through all this, I continue to engage audiences nationwide on issues of identity, particularly in these critical times of cultural conflict, racism, the growth of mixed-race identity, immigration and personal resilience. 

Contact me today if you're interesting in having me help your community transform and handle difficult topics on race and cultural identity.

Watch my TED talk on race categories.

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Everyone has a story.  Everyone has layers.  But not everyone plays Pokeman Go. 

TED Talk

My TEDx Speaker, 2014. Race: Human. The Un-Science of Race Categories. This talk breaks down the racial categories and gets us wondering, "Can we move past these categories?" 

PBS / SIRIUS XM Radio Interview

Awesome interview on Story in the Public Square, PBS and Sirius XM Satellite Radio. We talked about my work as a producer, performer and diversity educator, focusing on free speech, multicultural education and multiracial identity. Hosted by Jim Ludes and G. Wayne Miller, the series aims to study, celebrate, and tell stories that matter. Story in the Public Square is a partnership between the Pell Center and The Providence Journal.