Other: The New Normal - Promo

I've performed over 1,500 times in 48 states. Countless standing ovations, unforgettable, powerful messages about race, culture, ethnicity, class, gender and religion. These journeys will get you laughing, crying and empowered!

Branded Programs

Other: The New Normal

Entertaining Diversity's flagship one-man show (originally titled 'Ethnic Man!

1,500 shows. 48 US state. 3 countries. Countless standing ovations. In these critical times of cultural conflict, racism, the growth of mixed-race identity, and immigration calls for authentic stories.



This live, multimedia and humor-entrenched program challenges the audience to reconsider race categories. Available for schools, colleges, companies, conventions, keynote speaking events.

Crossing The Line


This powerful, interactive multimedia lecture challenges the audience to question the limits of freedom of speech with respect to racism, sexism and bigotry, with a close target on comedians, politicians and shock jocks.

You've Crossed The Line


A cutting-edge, innovative comedy platform that generates student engagement, critical thinking and explores complex, even volatile issues through comedy and education.